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Blues at Blue Jackets Recap: Early Lead Gives Blues Another Win

Fast-paced and high-scoring first period, physical second, and an empty netter from the Captain. What more could we ask for?

Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sport

Apparently chasing the Blue Jackets' Sergei Bobrovsky was as easy for the Blues as one:

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That was all the Blues needed to walk away from the Nationwide Arena with another tally firmly in the win column (psst, the Blues are 6-1-0 now....just in case you weren't aware).

Earlier today Hildy mentioned that Bobrovsky was heading out between the pipes to start in place of Steve Mason, as he was a "surprisingly able netminder." Maybe Hildy has become the Bob Whisperer, since that idea lasted all of thirteen minutes into the first, what with Barret Jackman's second goal in as many games, Patrik Berglund's absolutely gorgeous snipe of a power play goal, and Vladdy Tarasenko showing us that he may not fly, but he sure falls with style.

Now, in past seasons it has been incredibly frustrating to watch as the Blues play down a level, especially when it comes to the Blue Jackets. I don't know why it happens, but it always seems to. Though the game seemed to start to shift that way in the second, Brian Elliott was able to hold on to nearly everything thrown his way. While he may not look quite like the nine-shutouts-in-a-year Elliott of last year, he did make some damn fine saves, 24 of them, keeping all but one shot from crossing that goal line.

Our boys were able to add some intensity back in their game, helped along by four fighting majors just in the second period. Toss in a couple game misconducts for Scott Nichol and Ryan Reaves, well you've got yourself a hockey game.

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Compared to the first two, the third period was entirely tame. Well, that is with the exception of Andy McDonald's spectacular miss on an empty net. Luckily, David Backes was there to show him how it was done.

After three days off in such a shortened sprint of a season, there was a chance that the Blues were going to come tumbling away from the momentum they'd built up in the first six games, especially with the come-from-behind win on Sunday, yet they didn't miss a step. There was hustle, energy, pizzazz, and just a little bit of flair to keep things interesting.

The forecheck was strong, the shots were made to count, and punches landed soundly. Hmm, except for Jackman's as Nick Foligno kept his visor down the whole fight. Dick move, Foligno. Dick move.

Looking forward, shit's just going to get even more crazy. These boys came out fighting in the first. I have the utmost faith they can keep that mentality rolling through the rest of this (very short) season.

FuckDetroit tomorrow. Puck drops at 630pm CST. Here we go.

Youtube videos courtesy of the awesome Fred Murtz, as per usual. Go check him out.