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Blues Post-Lockout News: Statements, Schedule, Signings, And Promotions

With the official end of the lockout about to be announced, what's going on in our backyard with the Blues? Most importantly: when's puck drop?

Thearon W. Henderson

With the lockout finally over and done with, what's in store for the Blues? Of course, the season's not going to start tomorrow -- heck, we're not even sure when camp begins. What we are sure about is that there will be an abbreviated season. TSN's Bob McKenzie believes that the season will be a couple games longer than the 48 that was originally mentioned.

So, that's five games against the Blackhawks, Red Wings, Blue Jackets, and Predators, three games against ten other conference teams, and zilch against the Eastern Conference. Automatically that zaps the curiosity draw that teams get whenever the opponent's from the opposite conference, which may deprive some teams of a much needed post-lockout cash influx.

Of course, the schedule hasn't been released yet, but check back with this storystream for an update as to when it will be. I know some of you guys haven't really used a storystream before; for an example, SB Nation's lockout one should get you started. Big news will have it's own post and will be listed under here; smaller news will be posted under here and not on the main page. There will still be an update headline on the storystream on Game Time's main page, so you won't have to worry about trying to figure out if something new and or exciting has happened.