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NHL Season Set To Begin January 19th, According To Reports

It's not locked in stone yet -- remember, they have to actually vote on the new CBA and make it official before they can start scheduling anything -- but some reports have been floated about stating that the season should start on the 19th. Team camps could be starting as soon as this weekend. Adrian Dater tweeted a link to his post today regarding the Avs' camp. Apparently it's to start on January 11th, or thereabouts. It'll be a quick camp and no exhibition games, but a good many of the guys have been staying in shape. The Blues who are in town, including Andy McDonald, David Backes, and T.J. Oshie, have been working on the ice in Chesterfield and are probably good to go.

The season'll probably be a 48 game one, but it could be a 50 game season if the scheduling allows. Saturday, January 19th seems to be the start date most pointed to as so all of the games can get worked in.