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Tuesdays With Hildy: What Will You Miss About The Lockout?

There are tons and tons of things that we've missed about the NHL season. What about the lockout, though?

Bruce Bennett

I know this is a tremendously stupid and random question, but it was tossed out there on the SB Nation Hockey Blog Manager list (or whatever it's called) and I thought that it would be an interesting one to pose to all of you all. There've been lots of things we've missed terribly about the NHL season: going to games, getting beer, buying Game Time (hint), seeing our friends, pre-and post-gaming, eating fried food that's not good for you... you name it. We all have our game day rituals, jerseys of preference, blogs to read, highlight shows to watch, announcers to despise. The lockout, however, has deprived us of all of that.

Until now. With the NHL's season probably starting on January 19th, all of our favorite things will come back to us. Sadly, with the end of the lockout, there are going to be things going away. Things that we've come to secretly enjoy despite the fact that we hate the NHL lockout and Gary Bettman with all of our hearts.

So, what's it for you? For me, it's been the sudden appearance of time to read. I'll miss that so. Also, I'll miss watching people get almost punch-drunk with anticipation of teeny announcements on Twitter. Finally, of course, I'll miss having constant reasons to say "God, I dislike Gary Bettman," or some variant thereof.

So, what do you miss the most? I'm pretty sure I can figure out what your livers will miss the most: sobriety.