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Blues Expect Vladimir Tarasenko To Be Here This Week

The Blues' most anticipated prospect in years, Vladimir Tarasenko, is expected to return to St. Louis this week to prepare for camp.

Bruce Bennett

If there's one thing that I've heard Blues fans voice complaint over the most during this lockout, it's that we've all been deprived of the chance to see Vladimir Tarasenko knock the NHL on its ass. Since being drafted by the Blues 16th overall in 2010, we've been treated to teasing YouTube videos such as this one:

What's that? Oh, just a hat trick. Just a hat trick and a ton of hockey sense.

Sean and I were discussing anticipation of a prospect while I was in town, and Sean mentioned that Tarasenko is to us today what Oshie was a few years ago. We hear about this kid, and we're treated to seeing future visions of greatness. That's what made the lockout annoying -- we all knew we had something special going, but the Blues couldn't show it off.

Tarasenko has 13 goals and 17 assists in 31 KHL games with SKA St. Petersburg this season. Sure, it's helped that he's been playing on a line with Ilya Kovalchuk, but I'm sure that the Blues can find someone to set him up for a goal or two.

Doug Armstrong mentioned yesterday that Tarasenko will be back in town on either Thursday or Friday, which is just in time for training camp to start this weekend and for the NHL season to finally begin on January 19th.