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Patrik Berglund Named One Of Cosmo's Hottest Hockey Players

Our own Swedish centerfold Patrik Berglund made Cosmo Magazine's list of hot hockey players, besting countryman Henrik Lundqvist. Here's a look at some of the most pin-up ready shots of Bergie.

Oh, Cosmo. A magazine that I have never and will never read has managed to annoy me with their hot hockey player list for the season. The descriptions of the guys, well... if you value your IQs, don't read them. The fact that David Backes -- who SAVES PUPPIES, for shit's sake -- isn't included other than to insinuate he checks out Marc Methot's butt on a regular basis, well, that just grinds my gears. I really get the feeling that they just went through and pulled things out of their butts for this list (Henrik Zetterberg's nickname isn't "Curly Fries." At the very least it should be "Crazy Bread" or "Jared Leto's Twin"), but right there, towards the end of the gallery, who do we see? Patrik Berglund!

So, in honor of our Swedish Dream-Fjord, here're shots of Bergie doing what Bergie does best -- looking good. After all, that's all that matters to us women, right?