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Tuesday Links - The No Politics Zone

We will not be discussing the government shutdown on here (unless you want to get banned). Instead, I'll be linking stuff and you'll look at the links. Comprende? Sweet.

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David Backes is America. And so can you.
David Backes is America. And so can you.
Doug Pensinger

Seriously. No. Politics.


  • Hildy compares the current Blues to the 1994 Blues in honor of the 20th anniversary of NHL '94. [SLGT]


  • As Jason Giles noted when he sent this to J-Mill (who noted that he missed Sunday's links because "things happened", by the way): "This may not be your usual glamorous or sexy link but since I don't get every channel in HD, I now will at least get to see the Blues in HD on Oct 9 using this Live Extra site." Good enough for me. []
  • III Communication was full of really good season preview-type stuff yesterday. Here, they rank all 21 possible Central Division rivalries from worst to best. You might be able to figure out which rivalry came out on top. Involves I-55. [III Communication]
  • They also had a blackout map of the whole division. It covers a shit-ton of North America. Hell, it even covers my dearly beloved Montana, since the Avalanche are in the division now. [III Communication]
  • Real hockey games that count start today. Set your drinking schedules accordingly. Here's today's schedule. []
  • FINALLY! SOMEONE DOESN'T PICK THE BLUES TO WIN THE CUP! It's Ryan Lambert, in his 20 Bold Predictions on What We Learned. [Puck Daddy]
  • The NHL Board of Governors had already approved hybrid icing and needed the NHLPA's approval to make it happen to start the season . . . and . . . it happened. So there will be hybrid icing and probably mass confusion for casual fans of hockey. []
  • The Puck Daddy crew and friends made their preseason picks for all the NHL awards, all of which will probably be wrong. (NOTE: Three picked Alex Pietrangelo for Norris, one picked Ken Hitchcock for Adams and NONE picked David Backes for Selke. Damn shame on that last one there.) [Puck Daddy]
  • CAWLIDGE HAWKEY PREEVIOOOO KED [United States of Hockey]
  • Phil Kessel might get a big-ass extension soon. Is he worth $8MM a year? (Easy money says Dave Nonis thinks so regardless. He's the new Paul Holmgren, y'know.) [Puck Daddy]
  • Call it karma, call it bad luck, call it whatever you want . . . but call it a month-long absence due to injury for Ilya Kovalchuk after he ran into teammate Alex Ponikarovsky in a recent KHL game. [CBS Sports Eye On Hockey]


  • I found this incredibly touching, despite being not anywhere close to an Ohio State fan . . . Dom Tiberi, sports anchor at WBNS in Columbus, OH since the year I was born (which, as most of you know, was a long time ago . . . #TylerIsOld), returned to work last week not long after his daughter was killed in a car crash. After Ohio State's football victory over Wisconsin, nearly every tOSU player and coach lined up in the tunnel to give Tiberi a hug. There was dust in the room when I watched that video, I'll admit. I've been there before, but not to this scale. [Deadspin]
  • If you're gonna rob somebody at a shopping center, it's best to do it when a fencing coach isn't anywhere around. [Y! Odd News]


CrossCheckRaise runs us through some "percussive maintenance". Looks like me trying to fix my computer or when I remember my father trying to fix my car at times. But it works!

If at first you don't succeed, just beat the shit out of it, it'll work.

More season preview stuff on the way, not to mention a piece from CCR on something that grinds his gears.