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Blues Have The Lowest Team Valuation In The NHL. And?

Folks get too caught up in the monetary side of things sometimes.

The Panthers might be worth more than the Blues, but at least the Blues win.
The Panthers might be worth more than the Blues, but at least the Blues win.
Dilip Vishwanat

EDIT: I'm a dumbass and can't read dates. The valuation came out in 2012, which Forbes neglected to put on the list. Just ignore most of my babbling. It's probably wrong.

If you'd like to read something interesting, though, check out's list of most valuable brands. Updated in February 2013, the list has the Blues at 19th overall, and states that it has an enterprise value of $190 million.

We all know that the Blues aren't the Maple Leafs. The Leafs are the most valuable team in the NHL at a billion dollars. Yup. Billion with a B. Futility? Doesn't matter when you're a storied Original Six franchise playing in Canada's largest city.

Forbes' annual list of team valuations has been out for a bit, and I just came across it. The top five most valuable teams?

1. Leafs, $1 billion

2. Rangers, $750 million

3. Canadiens, $575 million

4. Blackhawks, $350 million

5. Bruins, $348 million

What do these teams have in common? Large market sizes, and two have won a Stanley Cup (or two) as of late. Winning helps. Large markets help. Large media markets help.

I bet you can figure out where the Blues ranked, right? No? Let me help:

30. Blues, $130 million, with a 17% decrease in value. Horrors! No! Loss in value! Terrible!

Whatever. That loss in value is the sale of the Rivermen, which will save the Blues spending cash. Don't believe me? Look at CapGeek. The Blues are 13th in league spending with $860,833 in remaining cap space. This tells you two things. One - selling the Rivs saved money. Two - the Blues aren't afraid to spend it, which means (probably, I hope) success in the future and a higher team valuation.

Does operating on a tight budget impact the Blues? Obviously - it always has. When was the last time that this team didn't operate on a tight budget? However you slice it, though, the team's valuation is not currently having an impact on the ice. Will it in the future? Perhaps if the Wolves don't develop the team's prospects well. For right now, the team is being managed well.

The debt to value percentage is 46%, which is better than it was under the previous ownership group. The team's revenue last season was $89 million (good for 25th place, so yay), but thanks to the lockout the team's income dropped 10%.

Are things perfect? No, but you have to admit that they're getting significantly better and nothing's impacted the on-ice product. If anything, the valuation of the team is primed to improve.

The only numbers Blues fans should be worried about this year are the ones that Robb does amazing things with every week. The team's value? As of right now, don't pay attention to it - just enjoy the show.