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Tuesday Links - Mike Green Whiffs

JaroWater vs. MooseJuice. PK goaltending stats. Hertl Power. Why Monahan should be sent out. Pominville says "fuck you" to Buffalo, but not like THAT. Mike Green goes overboard. Phil Mushnick is an ass. Sad Germans. And the new "Friday". Game day!

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This guy has been pretty good, actually.
This guy has been pretty good, actually.
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, there's a big game tonight, so don't miss it. Miss it, and you'll blink. Gah, I fucked that up.


  • Hildy tells us why we should be confident because Jaroslav Halak is confident, while also giving her thoughts on the latest Brian Elliott rumo(u)r. [SLGT]
  • CanesAndBluesFan had some analysis on goalie save percentage on the penalty kill down in the FanPosts. [SLGT]
  • Czech youngster Tomas Hertl, who's been lighting the hockey world on fire but was injured in the latest Sharks game against Ottawa, expects to play against the Blues tonight. [CSN Bay Area]


  • Scores from yesterday. Recaps later. []
  • A bunch of games today. Because it's Tuesday. In the NHL. That's how they roll. I hear one of these games has a couple undefeated teams or some shit. []
  • Sean Monahan has been on fire for the Flames to start the season, but Ryan Lambert--a Flames fan--says they still need to demote him to juniors when his time is up in his weekly "What We Learned" piece. [Puck Daddy]
  • Fuck Detroit. The Red Wings beat the Bruins 3-2. You might know the person who writes this recap. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]
  • "Trade ME, eh fuckers?" Former Sabres Captain Jason Pominville gets the game-winner in a 2-1 Wild(s) victory in Buffalo. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • The Capitals got a 4-2 win over our old buddy David Perron and the Oilers in a game that featured a bit of a scrum and a bit of hilarity (more on the latter point in a moment). [Japers' Rink]
  • The hilarity? Mike Green going ass-over-teakettle selling out for a hit. Ended up completing a defensive pairing change instead. [Russian Machine Never Breaks]
  • The Most Famous Arena In The World, which may have to be moved soon, now has sky bridges. Yes, they figured out how to get MORE people into Madison Square Garden. This is why the Rangers started with nine road games. [New York Post]
  • There was a line brawl between the United States and Canada women's hockey teams. [Puck Daddy]
  • Bobby Orr believes there's a place for fighting in hockey. AND WHO ARE WE TO DOUBT BOBBY FUCKING ORR, RIGHT?! [CBS Sports Eye On Hockey]
  • Martin Biron and Arron Asham are on waivers. That might do it for Biron. Asham will either clear and go to the AHL or latch on somewhere. [USA Today]


  • Phil Mushnick essentially blamed Adrian Peterson for Peterson's 2-year-old son's death. Deadspin rightfully puts Mushnick's column in perspective. [Deadspin]
  • One unintended effect of the government shutdown . . . Germans don't get to see space videos with ambient music late at night on television. D'awwww. [Y! / AP]


RealBadRobot sends this along. This song is from the same songwriter as Rebecca Black's "Friday". So if that isn't your proper warning that the song may annoy the shit out of you, I'm not sure what is.

More power to anyone that likes that. I'm not it.

GET YOUR WAR FACE ON! There's a hockey game on tonight. Also, more content and shit.