#Roywatch - or the Great SLGT Charity Point Quest 2013/2014

Dilip Vishwanat

I’m sure you’ve seen the hashtag of #Roywatch floating around twitter and here on the game recaps and I’m sure some of you know what it means. However, we felt a specific post on the subject was appropriate – especially as more Blues fans have now joined in.

#Roywatch was started when fellow Brit, Grant Sales, was disappointed in the Roy pickup and, in a show of displeasure, predicted 36 points for him. Putting his money where his mouth is, Grant pledged £1 for every point over 36 scored by Roy in the regular season. Charities were nominated on Facebook and a number of Blues fans decided to join in with this – some agreed with Grant’s prediction for Derek Roy and others disagreed.

So, basically, this is to spell out what we’re doing – and asking if you’d like to join in. If so, simply comment on this post with the options you’re choosing.

First up, Derek Roy points.

  1. You can choose to pay £1 or $1 for every regular season point Derek Roy scores above 36.
  2. You can choose to pay £1 or $1 for every regular season point Derek Roy scores regardless.
  3. Other amounts – whatever you like really: 50p, 50 cents, £2, $2 etc.


Choose to donate the total to both or just one of the charities below. (We are looking into various possibilities of collecting the donations at the end of the season in order to donate to the charities in bulk from the St Louis Game Time site).

  1. St Louis Blues 14 Fund – you all know what this is and I’m sure most of you have donated in the past but here’s the site link:
  2. You Can Play Project – I’m sure most of you know about this too and their website is:

#Roywatch stats will be posted on game recaps here on the site (and on Facebook and Twitter too). This is a bit of fun that will help out charities. Don’t worry – we won’t be pressurising anyone to pay etc. Just stick a pledge in the comments and we’ll see how we go.

Please make sure that any content you post is appropriate to Game Time, which means that it pertains to hockey, the Blues, and frosty adult beverages.

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