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Maxim Lapierre Ejected For Dangerous Hit On Dan Boyle

Scary stuff from Scottrade tonight as the Blues' fourth-liner (and 2010 suspension getter) Maxim Lapierre levied this dangerous and unnecessary hit from behind on the San Jose Sharks' Dan Boyle (video via CBS' Eye on Hockey):

That was a dirty, unnecessary hit that resulted in Boyle being on the ice for quite some time. He was alert on the way to the hospital, but that makes no difference here. That kind of hit has no business in the game, and it's the second time in a week that Lapierre has thrown a check like that. Also for the second time in a week, the opposition scored on the resulting power play.

JMill will have more later, but in my personal opinion, Lapierre needs to get benched in favor of Adam Cracknell. Now. If you need to send a stronger message, perhaps benching him and getting Chris Porter up here is what needs to happen.

Our thoughts are with Dan Boyle. No one wants to see anything like that hit happen.