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Blues Have Fifth Lowest Average Ticket Prices In NHL

The Blues offer some bang for their buck while keeping the increase in average ticket prices modest.

Whoever snagged this photo deserves a Pulitzer.
Whoever snagged this photo deserves a Pulitzer.
Dilip Vishwanat

Yesterday was a day of bad news for Blues fans: they played a sloppy game and got crushed by the San Jose Sharks, 6-2. On top of that, forward Maxim Lapierre is a troglodyte who probably should no longer be under the team's employment.

But hey, at least the Blues are reasonably priced!

In Forbes newest (and yes, it's the newest this time, I checked) look at average NHL ticket prices, the Blues ranked 25th in the league. The cost of the average ticket went up 8.27% to $105.84, which might seem steep especially after the lockout. When you compare that to other teams' increases, though, it's not so bad. Inexplicably the Florida Panthers' ticket prices rose 42.24% to $118.87 (up from $83.57). Granted, with the Cats you can buy tickets on StubHub for $7, but for primary market seats coming not only out of a lockout but also out of a year that saw the team's performace plunge, one has to think that the Panthers' new owners have a plan to adjust these rates.

The Tampa Bay Lightning's cost rose a boggling 107.74% to $101.79. For the Bolts.

The cheapest ticket in the league belonged to the Phoenix Coyotes, whose cost rose 16.9% to $76.65. Hey, having new ownership and getting people into the rink is expensive - and a great motivator for people to actually come out. Who was the most expensive ticket in the league? The Toronto Maple Leafs, of course, at an average cost of $368.60. Who would have thought Canadian mediocrity was so expensive?