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St. Louis Blues at Chicago Blackhawks Morning Open Thread

The Blues will get some new people into the lineup by default tonight as they trek off for their first road game of the season.

Dilip Vishwanat

Man, Tuesday night's game sure was disappointing, wasn't it? The Blues aren't undefeated anymore and got curbstomped by an angry Sharks team, and now they have to go trudge off to the Blackhawks. The Hawks have always been able to get under their skin, especially in the United Center, where it's louder than a jet engine. Last season, they were one of only five teams to beat Chicago at home, but it needed a Kevin Shattenkirk shootout winner to get the job done.

The Blackhawks can bring out either the banging best or the frustrated worst in the Blues. Fortunately, the distractions of Monday should be gone tonight. Maxim Lapierre is benched pending a hearing tomorrow morning with the head of player safety regarding this hit on Sharks defenseman Dan Boyle. So, there's one fewer player taking an unnecessary penalty that results in a Hawks goal. If the Blues minimize the need to play frustrated hockey, they'll be fine.

Here's a helpful hint: frustration causes situations that breed more frustration. Don't get frustrated. Go zen. Be like Vladimir Tarasenko before his goal last night: calm, cool, collected, and in the right spot. Or be like Vova here:

Bam. And then move on.

That's what the Blues'll have to do tonight. No rest for the wicked, because tomorrow they'll be in Winnipeg before the snows come. Good timing.

Check back later for your game preview, possibly some Road Music (?) and a GDT. Keep your eyes peeled in the preview for who is skating instead of Lapierre - and also look see if someone gets in there instead of Morrow. He wasn't on the ice at practice on Wednesday.