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Thursday Links - Maxim Lapierre's Funeral

Not gonna see Lappy for a while. Jake Allen likes fishing. Creepy motherfuckers in Washington. Matt Cooke is still a crazy person. Twins in Russia. Smart grandfathers in Wales. And the Avett Brothers play metal. Fuck Chicago.

Dilip Vishwanat

Hey, the Blues didn't lose last night and none of their players did shitbird-like things. THE POSITIVES.


  • Please get Maxim Lapierre off J-Mill's hockey team. [SLGT]
  • Well, the NHL is working on that. Lapierre's been offered an in-person hearing and he'll be in New York on Friday, which means he'll miss tonight's game against the Blackhawks and tomorrow night's game in Winnipeg. []
  • Logan Couture says Lapierre was chirping at the Sharks bench that something was going to happen. So yeah, Lapierre's getting like 10 games. [Working The Corners]
  • Beyond Checkerdome Episode 13 obviously was recorded before Tuesday's shitshow. And we don't apologize. You better Goddamn believe Joe Thornton was discussed. [SLGT]
  • Jake Allen is from the Maritimes, so it's not a big shocker that he likes to fish. So he decided to put something about fishing on his mask. [In Goal Magazine]


  • I'll post recaps of both of last night's games in a bit, but here were the scores. []
  • TWELVE games tonight. I hear the Blues might be playing in one of them. []
  • The Rangers actually won a game, and it was a shutout . . . 2-0 over the Capitals . . . . [Blueshirts United]
  • . . . . But the game wasn't without controversy. Troy Brouwer hit Derek Stepan in the head, and while Brouwer says it was an accident, the Rangers aren't buying it. [Puck Daddy]
  • Speaking of Alain Vigneault, someone photobombed his interview with Pierre McGuire in an utterly creepy way, with a love note to Brad Richards. [Twitter / @cjzero]
  • The Ducks have not lost at home to the Flames since 2004, and thanks to a 3-2 victory last night, that continues. By the way, that's TWO LOCKOUTS worth of home victories against a conference opponent. Holy shit. [Ducks]
  • Speaking of the Flames, they previewed their new third sweater last Friday, and it apparently proves the NHL 14 "accidental" leak correct. Which is a damn shame. Drop date? October 27th. [Icethetics]
  • Matt Cooke thinks he can help change Patrick Kaleta, who is in the middle of a 10-game suspension for being a shithead. Yeah, good luck with that, fucko. [ESPN]


  • A restaurant in Moscow features a staff made of twins and ONLY twins. Speaking of shit that is creepy. [Y! Odd News]
  • 15 years ago, a grandfather put a £50 bet on 2500/1 odds against his grandson, then an infant, playing for Wales. Smart, cheeky fucker . . . he's now gonna retire on his £125,000 winnings. [Deadspin]


Metal, as played by the Avett Brothers. If you can't laugh at this, we probably can't be friends.


J-Mill has your weekend, unless he gets locked up for murdering Lappy first. So send him some shit:

Also, lots of stuff posting today, including my favorite rite of fall and hockey season . . . CrossCheckRaise's first Road Music post of the season. You won't want to miss it.