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Recap: Blues Beat Hawks 3-2 in the Gimmick

Special team contributions, Answering Goals, and the opening of the Roman Polak door. All of this happened tonight and it was oh so fun to watch! Tis Recap time!

I got it in!!! THE TIP IS ALL YOU NEED!!!
I got it in!!! THE TIP IS ALL YOU NEED!!!
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

You wanna settle old scores, you're on the wrong team. We move forward starting right now. We start becoming a team RIGHT NOW! Skating. Passing. Flow. And creativity. That is what this team is all about, gentlemen.

I have always loved this quote from Miracle. It has always encapsulated what I felt a good hockey team needed to dominate. Herb Brooks saw this in the game as well, and that is what I saw here tonight... boys. (Oh hell I will finish it) That is what you earned here tonight. Movie references aside the game had lots of flow, passing, creativity and boy did it have skating. It was a damn good hockey game and resulted in a win that the blue and yellow needed, big time. Backes brought it up during the post game interview "Weather it was by fear or by choice we had to come out there and play our game not theirs." They did just that.

In the first period the Blues came out strong and emotionally stable. The first few shifts were a transition back into the St. Louis Blues of 2013-2014 that we have seen before Tuesday night's events. They controlled the puck and kept Chicago on the fringes of the zone and prevented many good scoring chances, making things easy for Jaroslav Halak. The Hawks struck first when Pirri quickly snapped the puck past Halak at 7:42 of the game. The blues were quick to answer and at 10:14 David Backes tied it up right off the faceoff on the power play.

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The tie stood till late in the second when a bad turnover lead to a 2 on 0 with Marian Hossa and Patrick Sharpe. Hossa lifted the puck over Jaro's shoulder making the score 2-1. The Blues however were again right on their heels, 51 seconds later at 18:13 Jay Bouwmeester Rocked the puck from the point allowing for Alexander Steen to redirect it into the net.

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The third was the most defensive period of the game. There were lots of back and forth play on both sides. The tension built culminating in many great chances by the Blues. For the most part the Blues had control of the Hawks at this point and capitalized on many lazy turnovers by shitcago. After an onslaught of chances and an amazing play where Vladimir Sobotka miraculously kept the puck through everything the Hawks threw at him before having his pass intercepted.

Onto the Gimmick!

Every single fuckhawk that took a shot tonight during the shootout missed or allowed for an easy save by Jaro. This allowed for an easy win as T.J. Oshie was the only one to make past Corey Crawford giving the Blues the W and 2 points for the night.

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Overall it was a fun game to watch, everyone left there over aggression in the box for the most part. Brandon Bollig opened the door in a scrap with Roman Polak which was good to see Polak stick up for himself as well as Vladimir Tarasenko laugh in Andrew Shaw's face as well as hold Barret Jackman back. I enjoyed the matchup and am excited to see where this rivalry takes us this year.

#RoyWatch still stands at 6.

Well those are my thoughts enjoy the victory Blues fans bring on Winnipeg!