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GameThread for St. Louis Blues at Winnipeg Jets, Oct 18, 2013

This is just the second time the Blues have travelled to Winnipeg since 1996.

Marianne Helm

The Blues might be short Barret Jackman and Brenden Morrow tonight, but the Jets won't be short Evander Kane. Kane, the team's top forward who is on the second line until Claude Noel randomly shifts things around, was injured during a team practice on Wednesday. He'll be in tonight, probably, if he feels fine after pre-game skate. He's dangerous and smart and will be someone the Blues'll have to neutralize tonight.

The Jets are on a six game homestand, and unlike the Blues, they can't maximise home-ice advantage. They're 1-2-0 so far after a 3-0 drubbing by the Montreal Canadiens. After a 2-0-0 start, the Jets sit firmly in the bottom of the Central Division. There've been lots of predictions made about the division, and so far the Jets being out of the playoff picture is about the only accurate one to date.

The Jets shut-out the Devils 3-0 and fans crowed about the dominant performance. The Blues have beaten the defending Stanley Cup champions twice so far this season. Aside from an abnormality against the Sharks, the Blues look like they're rolling, while the Jets are stumbling.

Brian Elliott gets the start tonight. It's unfair to judge his performance off of how he played against the Sharks, honestly, so let's just hit the refresh button and pretend that his year starts tonight. Ondrej "Flubber Pads" Pavelec is probably in net tonight for the Jets. You would think he'd use his fat paycheck to get some better gear.

This is your GameDay Thread. :Let's not pretend that you're not watching the Cardinals game too. Let's ground these Jets. Let's Go Blues.