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Maxim Lapierre Suspended Five Games For Hit On Dan Boyle

The hit on the Sharks' defenseman was nasty, and worthy of a Shanaban.

Dilip Vishwanat

Blues forward Maxim Lapierre has been suspended for five games by the Department of NHL Player Safety for this unpleasant check doled out against the Sharks' Dan Boyle:

Boyle is out of the hospital, but aside from an upper body injury (no shit) his current prognosis is unknown. It's safe to say that he'll be out longer than Lapierre will be.

Five games is about what I expected from this. Lapierre will be docked $28,205.15 in salary for a pretty boneheaded move. He'll be a repeat offender now, so if he hasn't learned his lesson from this the next suspension will be longer.

Here's Shanny's video explanation regarding the suspension:

Shanny points out that Boyle losing an edge contributed to the result of the hit, but Lapierre had he intention to hit high in the numbers regardless of if Boyle was going down or not. If Lapierre doesn't do something illegal, this situation is avoided to begin with.

If Boyle isn't falling and that check has the same outcome, Lapierre gets more games than five. As it stands, Boyle losing an edge means that Max gets to come back on November 1 instead of later.