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Blues At Jets Post-Game Audio With Steen, Oshie, and Hitchcock

Special thank you to the guys over at Illegal Curve for the post-game audio. Hitch chalks it up to the Jets just playing the game, and he calls it a brutal loss. He's pretty short and sweet; I think he wants to get to Ft. Sumter so he can get to another Civil War battlefield (he's apparently a history buff. Who knew?)

Steen's brief, but Oshie's worth the listen.

All in all, great game by the top line again - Steen's tied for the league lead in goals with seven, and Backes netted his 6th goal tonight. A couple of flubbery shots get by Elliott, and about four Blues' shots ring off the post, and...

Well, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.