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Saturday Links: Lightsabers for Everybody!

Space jellyfish, Cole Porter, & FREAKING LIGHTSABERS!

Excuse me, I haven't done this in a while - what's that rubber thing called again?
Excuse me, I haven't done this in a while - what's that rubber thing called again?
Marianne Helm

Well that sucked. But honestly, I'm not too worried. Sure you never want to give away points to a divisional opponent, but two of their three goals were the flukiest of flukes off weird-ass bounces. Nothing about last night puts any long-term worries into my head, other than the possibility that Brian Elliott's good luck may have run out - a problem we're easily equipped to deal with.


  • First thing's first, let's all hope that Jacob Trouba is alright. Reports say he's been released from the hospital, so thank god, because good goddamn could that have been a lot worse. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Blues blew a 3-1 lead last night to the Jets, losing in the (lack of) skills competition. If there is something else to go forward with from that game, maybe some guys not named T.J. Oshie should work on their shootout moves. Here's your recap, in audio form. [SLGT]
  • How the other half saw it: "That line of T.J. Oshie, Alex[ander] Steen and David Backes is incredible." I mean, we know it is, but it's always nice to hear a compliment! [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • Maxim Lapierre received his sentence yesterday: 5 games, including time served. Shanny does a great job covering every major aspect of the play in his video. [SLGT]


  • The only other game last night also ended in a shootout, as the Ducks topped the Coyotes. [Five for Howling]
  • No Blues game tonight, but there's a whopping 13 other matchups, highlighted by the 6-2-0 Maple Leafs in Chicago. Also, there's a Rangers-Devils game, but the way those teams have started the year, that's anything but a highlight. []


  • Yasiel Puig saw his shadow (or something that made him make that error), and so we have 2 more weeks of scrappiness - the Cardinals are in the World Series! In case you were wondering what all those BOOM sounds were last night. Fireworks...probably. Beware the automatically playing video. [STLToday]
  • The triumphant return of Science Saturday: NASA took some jellyfish into space, then found that they couldn't adapt to life on Earth afterward. Jellyfish are strange little fuckers anyway, but believe it or not, this has some implications for humans - find out what they are! [The Atlantic]
  • Ladies and gentlemen, we are finally within sight of having actual lightsabers. LIGHTSABERS, ladies and gentlemen! FUCKING LIGHTSABERS! You better believe you get a poll for this bitch! [Gizmodo]
  • Every little girl - and some big girls - want to dress as a Disney princess for Halloween...but what do Disney princesses want to be for Halloween? [Tumblr]


I'm willing to bet that you need more Cole Porter in your life, in that you are both a human and not deaf (unless you are, in which case I'm really sorry and now I feel really bad).

Since last night's game was in Canada, let's hear what Ron fucking Swanson thinks about it.

You see what happens when you don't send me stuff? You get nerdy fan art and Broadway music. I'm more than happy to share, but if you have something different to share, send it my way!

The Blues are off until next Friday, when they come home to face Vancouver. The bad news is that's a week without Blues hockey, but the good news is that it'll probably be an off-night for the World Series - get your asses to 14th & Clark!

BTW, I think I'm going to start publishing the Saturday and Sunday links at 7 am instead of 6 am from now on. Shift your entire life schedule accordingly.