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Sunday Links: Going to Carolina In My Mind

Goalie goals, Leafy mistakes, Oreo fixes, & the 2nd best Carolina.

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"Timeout! I need some BBQ and a bus to Fort Sumter, STAT!"
"Timeout! I need some BBQ and a bus to Fort Sumter, STAT!"
Marianne Helm

I spent a summer in Carolina a few years ago. Only it was North Carolina, so it was better than where the Blues are, even though it was in the middle of Quaker country. I even met a living, breathing, Hurricanes season ticket holder! It was like spotting a unicorn in a sleeveless hockey jersey.


  • The Blues are currently spending their down time on a team-building get away in Charleston, South Carolina, aka, The Second Best Carolina. [STLToday]
  • While they're down south, Hitchcock promises that they'll be working on special teams. Here's hoping we get that "One Practice" on the penalty kill done down there. [STLToday]
  • I forgot to mention this the last couple days, but the Blues and the new St. Charles Chill have announced an affiliation with each other. [SLGT]


  • Lots of games last night. The Conference III highlights included the Avalanche beating Buffalo 4-2, the Perds over the Habs 2-1 (on a great winner from Seth Jones), the Wild losing in a shootout 2-1 in Sunrise, the Blackhawks handling the Leafs 3-1, and the Stars falling to LA 5-2 on three 3rd period goals. Find out everything else here: []
  • Tonight, Vancouver is in Ohio, Nashville is in Winnipeg, and the Stars are still in LA, only technically this time it's Anaheim. []
  • Mike Smith was already one of my favorite goalies, just because he pisses off Hawks fans so much, after he so carelessly headbutted Andrew Shaw's shoulder in the playoffs a couple years ago. Last night, he made himself even more awesome by scoring a goal right at the buzzer, against the Redwings, no less. [Puck Daddy] (BTW, I know this is old news, but if there are any Chicago fans reading this that have ever booed or otherwise complained about Mike Smith because of that Shaw play, I don't care who you are, you are absolute trash and the reason that there are so many serious concussion issues in this sport. And that is not rivalry-based hyperbole, that is actual truth. /Soapbox)
  • After last night, Mike Smith now has more goals than Claude Giroux, aka, "The Greatest Player in the World, circa April 2012." And that's not all - not on the list but still true: Chris Stewart. [Five for Howling]
  • Remember how I called Bernier's mistake on Friday night the Leafiest Leafs moment ever? Well now we have a moment even Leafier - only this time it happened to the Penguins and Marc-Andre Fleury. Edler slapped home a shot from center ice that bounces off of Fleury's chest, over his head, and into the goal. They've got to get that team a new goalie, don't they? There have been a lot of embarrassing goals given up in the past week, so let's decide which was the worst using good old fashioned democracy! [Puck Daddy]
  • The Hockey News names the 10 most beloved players in the NHL. They may want to rethink a few names on that list, though - I can think of a number of people with some pent-up hatred for Shane Doan. [THN]


  • It's Sunday once again, so find out what NFL game you can watch in your neck of the woods. Incidentally, while the Blues are in Lesser Carolina, the Rams are in Better Carolina today to play the Panthers (the football Panthers...who don't suck quite as much as the hockey Panthers.). [506 Sports]
  • In case you didn't hear, the Cardinals are in the World Series, and after last night will take on the Boston Red Sox. BTW, if you think the Blues attendance numbers have looked weak on Cards playoff nights, just wait - the Rams host the Seahawks on Monday Night Football during what would be Game 5 at Busch. Unless we end it in a four-game sweep, that will NOT look good. [Over the Monster]
  • Now that they have lost on the field of battle baseball, Los Angeles must now bow down and admit how awesome St. Louis is. ...okay, not really, but these guys do seem contrite, and more importantly have a legitimate list of 10 things that make St. Louis awesome. [LA Weekly]
  • Studies show that Oreos are in fact just as addictive as cocaine. But only one of them gets you to drink your milk. [Uproxx]
  • Some guy combined all the logos for each city's sports teams into one mega-logo. Some of these are a little out of date (I'd suggest skipping the first one, Hildy) and I think the St. Louis one is kind of lazy, but there are some really cool ones too. [mental_floss]
  • In just over a month, Doctor Who will celebrate it's 50th anniversary with a huge special broadcast simultaneously around the world. Yesterday, they released the first official teaser for said event! [Nerdist]


The Blues are going to Carolina in the South, the Rams are going to Carolina in the North, while I'm Going to Carolina In My Mind! Fun fact: James Taylor was the first live concert I ever went to see. It was in the 90s, was something like 8, our parents dragged me and my sister to Riverport (remember when it was called "Riverport?"), and I only knew one of his songs at the time, but still pretty awesome.

Since we're several days away from the next Blues game and the Cardinals don't start this year's Series til Wednesday, let's go back and remember the 2011 Cardinals squad. Holy shit, that year had everything: tobacco-throwing, ear-moths, Kyle LaLoshe-a, shingles, Colby Rasmus - and that was just the regular season!

Donut King returns tomorrow. Load him up on links!

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