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Beyond Checkerdome: Episode 14

Currently, neither Tyler nor I are suspended, so we're podcasting away. We even brought in help!

"It's OK, Alexander ... it's only over an hour by a little bit ..."
"It's OK, Alexander ... it's only over an hour by a little bit ..."
Marianne Helm

The Blues may be on vacation, but not us! We're still here, and we even brought Robb along for the ride. Check us out as we discuss the Lapierre suspension, and more importantly, the wonderful world of advanced statistics (or as I call them, #FancyStats). The whole show was meant to be about the analytics world, but ol' Max had some other ideas...

You can listen to the embedded player below, or if you prefer to download, you can go HERE for that.

As mentioned in the show, Robb will have an additional post with some links to help you learn more about what we discussed. As for me, I'll just link you to the movie scene I was referencing HERE. Big thanks to Robb for spending time with us - keep up with him and his work Right Here on

And once again, we appreciate you guys listening to our ramblings. Let us know what you think, and if you have any questions about what we covered, drop us a line, or put it down in the comments below. The twitter contact is @ByndCheckerdome, and the email contact is BeyondCheckerdome AT GeeeeeeeeeMail dot com. We've found a different intro song, so we're introducing it with a longer cut this week. Enjoy!


Tim / CrossCheckRaise

Tyler / DonutKing