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Wednesday Links - See Ya, Gamecock Country

Blues back home. Jake Doty piece. Eight games. Cherrymetrics. Claude Giroux is out of his fucking mind. Taylor Hall is an unlucky bastard. Mike Brown to San Jose. Seth Jones to Sochi? Cardinals or Communism. And #TeamOvi. Hump the day? No.

Your every-once-in-awhile non-subtle reminder that John Scott is not a good hockey player.
Your every-once-in-awhile non-subtle reminder that John Scott is not a good hockey player.
Marianne Helm

You want links. Let's get down to business, real Goddamn fast.


  • The Blues left the Lowcountry yesterday and came back to St. Louis. As lifdcup posted yesterday, Ken Hitchcock was happy with the progress made in practice during the trip. [StL Today]
  • As CrossCheckRaise noted to me, the Missoulian, the local paper in my adopted hometown of Missoula, MT, did a Q&A with Jacob Doty, a 20-year-old who grew up in Billings, MT (way over in the eastern end of the state, mind you, but whatever, it's cool). Doty signed an entry-level deal with the Blues following this year's training camp and is currently with the Medicine Hat Tigers of the WHL (which, for some reason, the Missoulian calls "the Blues' WHL affiliate, when . . . uhhhhh, the WHL is a junior league, but whatever, this is pretty well done). Guess this tells you how little I read the local news . . . . [Missoulian]


  • Eight games last night. Some high-scoring affairs. []
  • Two games tonight. More on Bruins vs. Sabres in a bit, and Daniel Alfredsson returns to Ottawa. []
  • The Puck Daddy crew thinks they've cracked Don Cherry's secret sabermetrics code. Behold . . . Cherrymetrics! [Puck Daddy]
  • "GOOD ONTARIO BOY" Claude Giroux guarantees the Flyers will make the playoffs. He must ALSO be inhaling Paul Holmgren's shrooms. Holy shitbuckets, Claude. [Flyers]
  • Taylor Hall has some shitty luck. He's out for about a month with a knee injury. [CBC]
  • Speaking of the Oilers . . . they sent useful tough guy and mustached train villain Mike Brown to the Sharks for a draft pick. [Sharks]
  • Also speaking of the Oilers . . . our old friend, Canadiens forward Lars Eller said the Edmonton squad were "like a junior team, sometimes" . . . . []
  • . . . a quote Dallas Eakins gladly used as bulletin board material ahead of their 4-3 win over Les Habitants on Tuesday. He thanked Eller several times. [SB Nation]
  • Chris Peters wonders . . . could Seth Jones play for Team USA in Sochi? Well, he's got the skill . . . . [CBS Sports Eye On Hockey]
  • Dany Heatley is a fuckin' all-star, and he settled his fuckin' all star disagreement with the fuckin' Senators, but the fuckin' case is fuckin' sealed, so no one knows who fuckin' won. [Ottawa Sun]
  • The Sabres are a hot steaming pile of shit this year, but they have a bit of a rivalry with the Bruins, so they get the Wednesday Night Rivalry treatment. Puck Daddy wonders aloud how underrated a rivalry it really is. [Puck Daddy]
  • Brent Sapergia, a former hockey player and low-minors coach, went on an epic tirade in 2009 and got fired shortly thereafter. He found a gig as an armored package courier, which turned out to be part of an Albanian drug ring. He got off with probation because while he had suspicions, he probably didn't know what the exact fuck was going on. [New York Post]


  • Game 1 of the World Series between the Cardinals and Red Sox is tonight. Hildy pointed me toward this awesome bit from the hilarious Bill Hanstock, aka @sundownmotel . . . a 1942 Alpen Brau ad which shows that the Cardinals have ALWAYS been America's Team. Fuckin' Adolf Hitler and his Nazi program and shit. [SB Nation]
  • Meanwhile, in Cincinnati, if you make fun of Skyline Chili, people get pissed. I mean, it IS what it IS, guys. [Deadspin]
  • A North Las Vegas house went up in smoke and the tenants are temporarily displaced as the home is a total loss, but thanks to some quick thinking by emergency crews, two puppies found in the home were revived. AWWWWW PUPPIES. [Y! / The Sideshow]


I'm on #TeamOvi, by the way.

Ondrej Pavelec had about 0.1% chance of stopping that motherfucker.

Beyond Checkerdome, Episode 14 with a special guest hits the podcast waves this afternoon. Probably our best episode yet, so you won't want to miss it.