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Top 11 Ways To Kill Time Until The Next Blues Game

The Blues haven't played since Friday, and don't play again until this Friday. Fear not! There are ways to pass the time.

Marianne Helm

We're bored. There hasn't been any hockey since Friday's blown 4-3 shootout loss to the Winnipeg Jets. Nothing doing, nothing to pass the time with. Because I am as bored as you guys, I figure a top-eleven list'd be appropriate.

Here goes nothing.

Top 11 Ways To Kill Time Unitl The Next Blues Game

11. Play through the Blues' schedule in NHL 14. Twice.

10. Decide now's as good as time as any to create a bench out of old hockey sticks. Realize how much old beat-up sticks are, decide to just keep your couch.

9. Go through one of the Budweiser Brewmaster Selection 12-packs and wonder how they can manage to make those three beers taste pretty good, while their regular stuff tastes like water.

8. Try to figure out smart-ass ways to heckle Kevin Shattenkirk for cheering for the Red Sox. Stop when he makes an awesome play, then start again.

7. Alphabetize your puck collection. Realize that makes no sense, so try to do it chronologically. Give up.

6. Remember that you have a family and/or friends. Spend time hanging out with them, but with the caveat that you'll be busy Friday night.

5. You know that season and a half of your favorite TV show sitting in your Netflix queue? Go on and polish that off.

4. Think about exercising something other than your beer arm, realize that'd be a pain, then exercise your beer arm.

3. Go visit a Civil War battlefield.

2. Think of Tim Tebow jokes. You know, just in case.

1. Try to remember what that other thing is that's going on right now involving a St. Louis sports team.