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Canucks At Blues Morning Open Thread: Looooooooooose.

The Vancouver Canucks come to town today, bringing a new brand of hockey with them. Can Tortorella keep the Canucks playing strong hockey, or will the Blues' team building kick in?

Dilip Vishwanat

What a difference six days off makes. The Blues have only played seven games, have eleven points, and have managed to fall to 8th in the Western Conference through no fault of their own. Team building exercises in Charleston over, the team has made some line-up tweaks and improvements.

Tweaks and improvements, you say? But they've won five of their seven games! True, but that should be six of their seven games won - the implosion in Winnipeg last Friday was evidently a sign that there's always room for improvement. Weird bounces for the Jets and clanging posts for the Blues aside, it just didn't look cohesive out there as the game plodded forward.

There's no World Series game scheduled for tonight, so that means that you should have no excuses regarding going to this game (unless you're not in St. Louis, and then you're excused, obviously). Take a baseball break with us today. Check back in a little while for a Lighting the Lamp, and then a game preview that takes a look at the line-up tweaks and what they could mean for tonight.