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Recap: Blues Fall to Vancouver in OT

Damn where was Dorothy when you needed her with that Oil Can!? The Blues were RUSTY tonight against a tired Vancouver, resulting in their loss 3-2 in Overtime. I am tired so Short Recap time!

Can't Hold Sobe Down.
Can't Hold Sobe Down.
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The Blues clearly had a bit of rust in the hinges tonight. they started off the first period playing Vancouver's game. The boys looked like they had a bit to much fun on their bonding trip this past week. There was no pressure on the Canucks, who owned the period even after not getting a single shot on net till 11 minutes into the period. The period held two fights. One from Chris Stewart and the other from Ryan Reeves. Both good strong bouts but very little came out of them but invigorating the crowed.  They had a hard time capitalizing on their scoring chances and ultimately went into the locker room down 1-0.

The second period brought much of the same from the Blues. They were held to only 4 shots the first half of the period. Soon Vancouver's five games in seven days caught up with them and they slowly lost their legs. The Blues pounced and at 19:53 Alexander Steen put the blues on the Board.  
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The third seemed to push some life back into the blues as they pushed hard to keep from falling further behind. At 1:38 Vladimir Sobotka rocketed the puck past the Nuck's goaltender evening up the score.

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Eventually the Blues couldn't stay out of the box long enough for them to fully catch up wit the Nucks and take the game. In overtime Patrik Berglund took a bad penalty with 33.2 seconds left in the extra minutes that none other than Ryan Kesler scored the game winner and effectively ending the game.

Well this one is in the books, time to look forward to tomorrow nights game against the Preds. Hopefully this was just a warm up and got the gears oiled back up and they can come out strong and actually apply pressure instead of sit back and get walked over. Time will only tell, for now drink and forget.