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GameThread For St. Louis Blues At Nashville Predators

The Blues have beaten the Preds six out of the last seven games that they've played. Can they tack one more onto that?

Frederick Breedon

The Blues have quite the little winning streak going against the Nashville Predators. Going back to last season, the Blues have beaten the Preds three games in a row. They've beaten the Preds in Nashville three games in a row as well. They hung a first-period three-spot on Pekka Rinne opening night. This'll be a great bounce-back game from last night's overtime loss against a Canucks team that they should have taken out handily.

The Blues faced Eddie Lack last night, and with Rinne out for a while due to a bacterial infection in his hip, the Blues will be seeing backup Carter Hutton. He's nothing to scoff at. So far this year he has two wins and has stopped 93 of 97 shots this season. He has a .959 save percentage and a 1.37 GAA.

Mental note: pick him up on a fantasy team or two.

The Blues will trot Jaroslav Halak back out again tonight. He's been playing some strong hockey, and it's hard to blame him for any of the goals against last night.

If you're flipping between hockey and baseball, don't break your remote.

This is your GameDay Thread. Let's beat some Perds. Let's hope that if this game's a stinker no one else in STL saw it (they won't've). Let's do this. Let's Go Blues.