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Sunday Links: Obstruction Free Since 2013!

I'm back, and I promise not to trip you on your way home!

Matt Cullen, clearly obstructing T.J. Oshie. OBSTRUCTION! OBSTRUCTION!
Matt Cullen, clearly obstructing T.J. Oshie. OBSTRUCTION! OBSTRUCTION!
Frederick Breedon

Sorry about yesterday. I'm coming off of a nasty allergy/cold/whatever makes you cough and puke for an hour straight in the middle of the night. Links are a little light today, but existent!



  • The Blues put 6 on the board last night, but unfortunately failed to convert the extra point. I'd make a Mizzou joke here, but A) that was a chipshot field goal, not an extra point, & B) Mizzou fans have suffered (nearly) enough. Your recap from FakeGoodHuman: [SLGT]
  • Here's how the other half saw it - although Dirk didn't have too much to say. [On the Forecheck]
  • Vladimir Sobotka is really earning a bigger role in the offensive end. I'd complain about how unsustainable that is, but then again, so is Alexander Steen and his 10 goals in 9 games. [STLToday]


Trying to keep it light, so just last night's scores and today's schedule. But if there's an awesome topic or article I missed, I highly encourage thread-jacking in the comments!

  • Here are your scores from last night. Divisional highlights include the Jets 2-1 over the Stars in a shootout and the Wild 5-3 over Chicago, plus the Devils scored 2 PP goals in the last 1:08 to beat the Bruins in what I assume was the most frustrating thing to happen to Boston sports fans last night. []
  • 5 games today, the biggest around these parts being the somehow-still-first-place Avalanche hosting Winnipeg. There's also the Battle of know, if you're into that sort of thing. []


  • The Cardinals. 2 games to 1. Chances are you've heard what happened, but if not, get caught up. [Big League Stew]
  • Do you hate how play-by-play men (and women) have their go-to pre-planned calls for big moments in the games that takes the spontaneity and fun out their performance? Well, one way to combat that is to have a World Series game end with a walk-off obstruction call. Here's how 5 different broadcasts handled it, including Mike Shannon & a couple dudes in Spanish. [Awful Announcing]
  • Oh, it's Sunday, so find the NFL games on in your area. [506 Sports]
  • Finally, your Science Saturday Sunday: astronomers have verified that they've discovered the oldest and farthest galaxy ever spotted, 13.1 billion light years away. No word on if any war-like events did or did not transpire a long time ago in this galaxy far, far away. [Huff Post Science]


From doubleduck comes this Metallica/U2 mashup of their respective "One"s. It's pretty sweet.

The Walking Dead is tonight. Here's what they're saying (or singing) when you turn off the volume - assuming that you're a Bad Lip Reader.

Donut King graces you with his presence tomorrow. Link him up with some hooks!*

*Scratch that...reverse it.