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GameThread for Winnipeg Jets at St. Louis Blues, Oct 29, 2013

The Jets are getting tired of losing on the road; will the Blues give them just one more thing to worry about?

Goaltending! God, I miss Chris Mason.
Goaltending! God, I miss Chris Mason.
Marianne Helm

Claude Noel's team is having problems scoring. Their power play on the road is two for 20. They allowed two third period goals in just 13 minutes in their Sunday loss to the Colorado Avalanche. They're unpredictable, flailing, and in over their heads in the Western Conference.

Here's what Noel had to say about his team's 3-2 loss:

"It's getting old," Noel said. "We don't make the greatest decisions, we don't execute, and these are the things we lamented before. We were 0-for-5 [Sunday]; it cost us the game. They got a lot of shots. They have speed, but we created quite a few of our problems. Some of the stuff we did, you really had to give your head a shake. The game was up for grabs, and to me, we let it slip away."

You know what else is probably getting old to Jets fans? Reading some variation of that quote. SSDC - same shit, different city.

Fun fact - the Blues' power play is THREE TIMES as effective as the Jets', coming in at 30.3% to 10.2%.

This is your GameDay Thread. Let's root for a team that won't disappoint. Let's be thankful that there's no baseball tonight. Let's give our livers a break.

Let's not do that last one. Let's Go Blues.