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Beyond Checkerdome: Episode 15... Great Scott!!

We're back on the air, with a look at last week's action, the week ahead, and why John Scott is my favorite non-Blue - and a crap-load of other topics.

"Timeout!!! Timeout!!! I gotta download the latest episode!
"Timeout!!! Timeout!!! I gotta download the latest episode!
Marianne Helm

Welcome back to the show that even the NHL can't shut down for a week .... We're back and covering the Blues season thus far, the upcoming week, and the dumbassery of the Buffalo Sabres organization. Thanks, boys !!!!

Also, everything from Willie Wonka to the World Series is covered, and delicious delicious beer. Always beer.

One highlight: we talk up a Vanek trade before it, mere hours before it happened.

One lowlight: We were remiss in our duties, and neglected to mention that #RoyWatch has been updated to 7.

And a correction: Old Rasputin is a product of North Coast Brewing, of Fort Bragg, CA.

As for the rest, well... listen to it, ya asshole:

Once again, you have a full gamut of listening options. The embed is above, or if you prefer to download it to take with you later, go HERE. Obviously, there's the subscription services like Pocket Casts (Android) or iTunes (Apple) or one of the several other podcast-wrangling apps.

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Thanks For Listening! LGB!

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