Throwing down the Movember Gauntlet!

PEOPLE OF EARTH, I BRING YOU- wait, wrong speech.

Hey, next month is November which means it's time to shave off our facial hair and grow out our mustaches for charity. That's right, Movember has returned! So I'm going to be raising money for the Movember Foundation again. This time, though, there's added incentive for hockey fans.

I have a ticket for the Blues - Maple Leafs game on December 12 in St. Louis. While I was originally going to raffle it off to whoever donated the most, I realized something. I, too, wanted to go to the Blues - Maple Leafs game. Then I thought: I have a Barret Jackman Blues jersey and a Dion Phaneuf Maple Leafs jersey. Perhaps I should wear the jersey of whichever fan base donates the most money via my Movember account?

I'm throwing this out as a challenge to Blues and Maple Leafs fans: round up your spare change and donate via my Movember Link: In the comment space leave the message of "LET'S GO BLUES" or "GO LEAFS GO" and at the end of November I'll tally up which team gave the most money. Whichever side gave the most is clearly a sign of whether I should wear the Jackman jersey or the Phaneuf jersey.

Fans of other teams, take note: I'll still accept your money. Leaving comments for your teams won't help either way, unless you leave messages in support of the Blackhawks or Red Wings or ripping Blues players. I'm counting those towards the Blues jersey because screw you guys. (Ripping the Leafs isn't cool, either, thanks for asking.)

So, hockey fans, you have before you the opportunity to define one fan's appearance at a hockey game. Make the most of it.

Please make sure that any content you post is appropriate to Game Time, which means that it pertains to hockey, the Blues, and frosty adult beverages.

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