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The Thrill Of The Big Hit: T.J. Oshie Double Feature

Is there anything better than a massive, clean bodycheck? I can't think of much.

Oshie does this a lot, doesn't he?
Oshie does this a lot, doesn't he?
Bruce Bennett

The Blues are a hard hitting, rough and tumble team. Often, those massive checks come close to the boards. When you have the human wrecking ball that is T.J. Oshie, however, they can happen any time, any place. Just ask Rick Nash.

The two most celebrated hits in recent Blues history came against Nash during his Columbus Blue Jackets days. The Jackets were frequent opponents before their move East, and Oshie enjoyed showing up the former Jackets star.

The first hit came in St. Louis, where the crowd was very much appreciative of Oshie's artistry:

Honestly, I don't think that the Blue Jackets appreciated it either.

The second hit happened in Columbus, and this time the crowd roared in indignation. Oshie's "sit DOWN" shove on Nash was impressive considering how large Nash is.

As an added bonus, here's Oshie taking out David Krejci, a celebrated hitter in his own right:

Kind of makes you wonder if Osh's capable of that kind of stuff in NHL 14 too, isn't it?