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Beyond Checkerdome: Episode 12

Just as the season starts, we come to the twelfth episode of your favorite Blues podcast!

Uh-ooohh...  Happy learned how to putt !!!
Uh-ooohh... Happy learned how to putt !!!
Dilip Vishwanat

So, my partner is known as the Donut King, and we've reached the Dozenth episode just as the season starts.



Have a listen, and we'll cover the first two games of the season, beat the dead horse of fighting just a bit, laugh at the batshit craziness of Patrick Roy, and find out what new beer that I'm drinking to tease Tyler with ... and an important news item about the show.

As usual, we have the embedded player right there, but NOW there's another option: Itunes. Yes, sir. You can now subscribe to Beyond Checkerdome on Itunes - like a real podcast and stuff! Also, for you non-Apple types (like me) other podcast applications (for example, I use Pocket Casts for my Android) will also have Beyond Checkerdome listed. As you look for it, keep an eye out for our shiny new logo:


Much thanks to Ashley (RealBadRobot) and her boyfriend Sam for the design.

The Blues are off to a hot start, and so are we!!

As always, thanks for listening to our rambling. Let us know what you think. If you hit us up on Itunes, be sure to rate us and leave a review, even if you have to make something up.... ESPECIALLY if you want to make something up. The goal here is to have something to see for the folks who'll be discovering us in the days/weeks/months to come. If it looks vacant as a Deadwing's fan's soul, it'll be too easy for them to dismiss us and move on.

Also, of course, we welcome your feedback: BeyondCheckerdome@Geeeeeeeemail DOT com or @ByndCheckerdome on the Twitternet.

See ya in the cheap seats!

Tim /CrossCheckRaise

Tyler/ Donut King