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Chicago Blackhawks At St. Louis Blues Morning Open Thread

The Blues are up for their first test of the new season, squaring off against the defending Stanley Cup Champions.


Let's face it: the Blues' first two games weren't tough. Sure, they were fun. Sure, they pumped up the fans. But admit it: the Predators seem to still be finding their footing and the Florida Panthers lived up to no expectations. Tonight is the first real challenge that the Blues have to face: tonight's the first time that the Chicago Blackhawks come to town.

It's a rivalry. NBCSN will be very clear in mentioning that tonight on their national broadcast of the game, which starts at 7:00. The Blackhawks have played the Blues very well in recent years, not losing a season series against them since 2000-2001. The Blues would like to turn the tables on the Hawks, but with an offence like Chicago has, they're going to have to throw everything at them.

The Hawks are 1-0-1 this season, with a 3.00 GAA and a penalty kill percentage already under 50%. They're beatable, and beating them is the only way to keep Hawks fans out of the building - not silly ticket policies.

Speaking of tickets, if you want one, go on and grab it. The NLDS starts at about the same time as tonight's game, and with a decisive game five, I think you know where most sports fans will be.

Check back later for a Lighting the Lamp, a game preview, hopefully some three questions with the fellas at Second City Hockey, and your GameDay Thread.