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Friday Links: All Hallow's Day

#FreeChrisPorter worked & advanced statistics are ADORABLE!!!

"This was Halloween. This was Halloween."
"This was Halloween. This was Halloween."
Jared Wickerham

Apparently Tyler is not a fan of the many wonders of All Hallow's Eve. Granted I'm a former theatre major - between the costumes, decorations, and copious amounts of various adult beverages, Halloween is essentially the World's Biggest Theatre Party, so perhaps my view is skewed. It's also the one night a year you don't have to feel guilty finding a queen bee attractive. (Unless of course, you have a thing for John Belushi - which is fine, too.)

In any case, it's now November, which means colder weather and Thanksgiving are on the way (as is my birthday), but more importantly, means there's a Blues game pretty much every other night. So let's get to it by clicking the shit out of some links - always the best hangover cure for me!


  • Magnus Paajarvi is taking his umlauts to the IR, but the bright side is: Chris Porter has been freed. And by "freed," I mean "called up from the Chicago Wolves." [Blues]
  • Contrary to fears coming into the season, the Blues biggest hallmark this year so far has been the production from the top line. In fact, right now the Blues might be - dare I say it... - a little top heavy? [STLToday]
  • Apparently the Blues have decided to take the "high road" and plan on limiting goal celebrations. Honestly, I don't like it (goals are hard - you get one, enjoy it bitches!), but as long as you don't bitch about other teams enjoying big moments, I won't care too much (love ya', Waino, but there's nothing "Mickey Mouse" about celebrating a huge RBI triple in a close NLCS game. Now, Prince Fielder "Beast Mode-ing" after a non-RBI double in the 8th inning of a game his team is down 8 runs in 2011? That's horse of a different color...but I digress.) [SLGT]
  • Paperwork Ninja is raising money for Movember. Give him some, so he doesn't have to wear a Maple Leafs jersey to the Blues-Leafs game next month! Also, to be a good and generous person - but mostly the jersey thing. [SLGT]


  • Nick Bjugstad is a great young forward for the Panthers (I remember Brian being very high on him going into the draft a few years ago...unless I'm thinking of someone else), and he's really starting to hit his stride in Sunshine. [Panthers]
  • Tim Thomas has a new mask. [Litter Box Cats]


  • Hockey occurred last night: two shootouts (BOS over ANA & PHX over NSH) & a shutout (Rangers 2-0 over Buffalo). I pretty much just told you what happened, but if you insist on more detail, here you go. []
  • More hockey will occur tonight. Central teams to keep an eye on are the Avs in Dallas and the Wild hosting the Habs. Good thing the Blues are playing, because the outside of those, the only kind-of interesting match-up is Sens & Isles. []
  • Semyon Varlamov was released on bail yesterday and will be allowed to travel with his teammates. Fuck that pitiful excuse of a human being (allegedly). [SBNation NHL]
  • A Russian politician claims that the charges levied against Varlamov is nothing but a conspiracy to fuck over the Russian Olympic team. I shit you not. [Puck Daddy]
  • In slightly lighter news, John Scott - who's merely a pitiful excuse of a hockey player - has been ShanaBanned for 7 games for his hit on Loui Eriksson. [Puck Daddy]
  • Now for some seriously lighter fare: some people have trouble grasping some of the advanced statistics in hockey. But what if it were explained in a language everyone can understand: puppies!!! So instead of "Corsi," think "Corgi." Find out how: [The Peerless Prognosticator]


  • Next to the Gateway Arch, ice cream cones, & Chuck Berry, perhaps the most significant thing to come from St. Louis is KMOX. The Grey Lady herself fantastically trumpets the history of the Mighty 'MOX's legendary radio signal and it's relationship with Cardinals baseball, while putting the famous signal to the test. Big sticktap to Angela! [The New York Times]
  • A lot of people have spent their lives collecting comic books purely as an investment, hoping to cash them in later to pay for houses or their kids' college fund. These days, a lot of people are finding out that was a pretty bad idea. Moral of the story: unless you have the first issue that Batman or Superman every appeared in, comics are for reading, not retiring on. [Yahoo! Finance]
  • We could be looking at a severe shortage of wine in the near future. So either stockpile your boxes of Franzia now, or get ready to inject your Thanksgiving turkey with a bottle of beer instead. (Actually, if you use the right beer, that might not be bad...) [Huff Post]
  • "Christian Science Church Looks Like a Giant Dick from Space" How can you not click that? Sidenote: this is actually in Dixon, IL, a teeny-tiny 600 person town, and it just so happens that I went to college with a girl from there! #SmallWorld #BigChristianScienceDick [Gawker]


Everything you believe in is a lie. At least if it's one of these 32 superstitions. Don't worry, though, I still slavishly follow some of these.

Last night, I went out as the 4th Doctor Who, aka Tom Baker, and believe it or not, actually got some female attention because of it. Although the end results were the same, I like to think I did a little better than this guy.

Angela sent me a fantastic article. She gets brownie points. Have you read a fantastic article? Do you want brown-...what am I even saying, of course you want brownie points! Pass along what you've read!

The Blues are in Florida tonight to get into the endzone again against the Panthers. We'll have plenty of great things to check out before the puck drops. So please. Check them out!