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Recap: Blues Shutout Panthers, 4-0!

Ladies and Gentlemen the Florida Panthers killers of 2013, your St. Louis Blues! Let's Recap, Bitch!

Come Here Steener LET ME LOVE YOU!!!
Come Here Steener LET ME LOVE YOU!!!
Joel Auerbach

Tonight the Blues played against the Florida Panthers to thousands of Fans dressed as empty seats for Halloween. The blow out included many things that are fun, mainly skill. Unfortunately for me, I found the game to be pretty much boring. The Panthers did not bring much to the excitement hockey table as they seemed to basically give up half way through the second period.

Their frustration was our gain.

I missed much of the first period due to stream searching because my cable company here in Kansas City are dicks and think College Football/Basketball are more important to broadcast. I was, however, just in time to see the Panther’s defense completely fall apart and help contribute to the Gametime Charity of the Season, #RoyWatch.

The second was pretty mundane as hockey periods go. The building’s ambiance matched the Panthers’ play. Cold and empty. At 5:21 Chris Stewart finally turned that zero in is Goal column into a one with a goal coming off of a weird angle.

The Panthers’ frustration boiled over as they tried to get back in the game, resulting in back to back power plays for the Blues. At 7:06, Alex Pietrangelo would capitalize on the first Power Play go around, making the score 3-zip.

At 10:42 The great Alexander Steen would make an appearance on the score sheet for the 12th time of the early season.

The rest of the night went on quietly with no scoring or penalties to be seen. It was an easy night for the St. Louis Blues even if they were outshot 30-23, as mentioned by the Panthers’ twitter feed. The blue and yellow are really starting to hone their playing style. As a fan this is a great change to see after surviving through a pretty grueling last couple of years as a St. Louis Blues fan.

Those are my thoughts, now what are yours? Let me know in the comments!

PLAYS OF NOTE: #RoyWatch is now at 7 after the Derek Roy’s dashing Backhand goal tonight.

T.J. Oshie’s Impersonation of the Next Karate Kid while blocking shots with no stick on the penalty kill: