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Sunday Links: Key of CCCP

The Blues top the Pens, Giroux finally scores, Hall of Fame preparations are under way, drinking inspiration, and in Soviet Russia music go behind YOU!

What, the best player in the world can't beat three puny Olympians? Psh.
What, the best player in the world can't beat three puny Olympians? Psh.
Dilip Vishwanat

Well that was a fun game, wasn't it? Anytime you can put 60 minutes like that together against one of the most talented teams in the league is pretty sweet.

Why don't we savoir the sweetness with some morning after click-its, shall we?


  • 2-1 was the final last night as the Blues did pretty much everything right all night - other than pointlessly fighting off the opening faceoff for no apparent reason, and even then it was a pretty damn good scrap. The Note have now equaled their best start in team history at 11-2-2 Here's your official recap. [Blues]
  • How the other half saw it: [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
  • Jordan Leopold missed out last night due to a hand injury that could see him miss a decent chuck of time. He'll be re-evaluated tomorrow. Fortunately Ian Cole stepped in and frankly looked pretty good to me. [STLToday]
  • Yesterday was also the 20th anniversary of the release of the Wu-Tang Clan's great album Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), so to celebrate, J.R. Lind of Conference III found the parallels between the landmark hip hop album and every team in the Central division. The Blues find themselves paired with "Da Mystery of Chessboxin." Conference III ain't nothin' to fuck wit! Conference III ain't nothin' to fuck wit! [Conference III]


  • A lot of games yesterday, highlights included Claude Giroux finally scoring his first goal of the year in Philly's 4-2 win over the Oilers and the Lightning scoring in overtime to win in Joe Louis Arena for the first time since - I shit you not - January 1994, or 8 months before Penguins defenseman Olli Maata was even born. Some of the big match-ups ended up being duds, so find out the scores here. []
  • Seven games tonight, the biggest being Vancouver in Disneyland Anaheim, plus the Caps and Avs. []
  • Edmonton's Anton Belov received a match penalty for "targeting the head" on a hit on Giroux...despite not actually hitting Giroux's head. This isn't nearly as bad as David Backes' phantom "head shot" major last year, but it's still an embarrassingly shitty call. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • The Kings dominated the Canuckleheads 5-1, thanks 2 goals from rookie Tyler Toffoli and a fantastic assist from rookie Linden "All Vey, Every" Vey. (I wanted to prove I was different from every single person in the world on Twitter by avoiding the "Oy Vey" joke.) [Jewels from the Crown]
  • Tomorrow night, former Blue Brendan Shanahan, along with "Chris Chelios is So Old" Joke Legend Chris Chelios, King of the Salt'n'Pepper beard Scott Niedermayer, and the late head coach of the Broad Street Bullies Fred Shero will all be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Pierre LeBrun honors them with the obligatory "The Game Ain't How It Used to Be" piece, though a good one. []


  • Sure you could find out which NFL games are showing in your market today by looking it up on your TV's cable viewing guide, but since you're here already, wouldn't you rather just click your mouse once and find out? [506 Sports]
  • People who work-out already have their motivation. It's us binge drinkers that really need those inspirational work-out posters to keep us going - so here they are! [Imgur]
  • The lead-up and happenings of World War I were much more complicated than that of WWII, but don't fret if you have a history test coming up. Just do what this guy did, and imagine it were a bar fight. [9GAG]
  • Two weeks ahead of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special, a new extended trailer has been released. (I promise after the 23rd, I'll shut-up about Doctor least until Christmas anyway.) [Nerdist]
  • Sydney Leroux and Alex Morgan are two of the best female soccer players in the world (who also happen to be freaking awesome, BFFs, and both downright gorgeous), but when the USWNT bus broke down, they still needed a ride back to their hotel - so they hitchhiked with some of their young fans, because of their aforementioned freaking awesome-ness. [SBNation]


As part of the build up for the Sochi Olympics in a couple months, the Russians have put together a music video of their biggest stars past and present singing what I'm told is their unofficial Russian hockey anthem. If you've ever thought about what Boris Mikhailov and Ilya Kovalchuk's music careers would look like...then you think odd thoughts...but here you go anyway.

That is going to be WAAAY funnier after Russia finishes 6th again on home ice!

If you haven't seen Netflix's House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey, then I think I'm required to tell you to please leave the Internet. (Or, you know, just go watch it, because it's gripping.) If you have, then chances are you felt like doing this for a few days after you finished.

It's Sunday again, so Brian has your Prospect Sunday all lined up for you - all you have to do is mosey on back here throughout the day to enjoy the ups and downs of our future trade deadline pawns Blues!

As for tomorrow, Donut King should be back, although tomorrow is Veteran's Day, so he might just throw up a holiday open bar. But you should still make sure he's well stocked with links just in case! Send him your online treasures at:

And happy Veteran's Day to any Game Timers who've bravely served our country - or any country, for that matter (don't mean to leave you out, Euro-Game Timers).