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Jordan Leopold To Miss Eight Weeks After Hand Surgery

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Paging Ian Cole... the Blues will be short a defenseman for two months, but luckily they have the perfect guy to fill in.

Dilip Vishwanat

This isn't good news: defenseman Jordan Leopold, who hurt his hand blocking a shot in the Blues' 3-2 win over the Calgary Flames last Thursday, will be out for two months.

That's what Leopold gets for netting his first two points of the season in one game. The gall!Ligament damage on his first knuckle of his right hand is what he deserves for daring to get on the point sheet.

Seriously, though, the Blues are well past the stage of worrying if something like this happens. Thankfully the team carries seven capable defensemen in case of emergency. The player behind the breakable glass? Ian Cole. Cole'd be a top six defenseman on any night on any other team; this eliminates any need for panic or hiccups while Leopold is out. Cole's been praised by the coaching staff quite a bit so far this season; the reason he doesn't play much isn't because of ability, it's because of a traffic jam.

So don't freak out, everyone. Ian Cole's got this.