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Coyotes At Blues Morning Open Thread: Yotes On A Roll

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In a bounceback season so far, the Phoenix Coyotes have shown themselves to be a high gunning team. Will the Blues be able to continue their tradition of clamping down on Phoenix's offense?

You know what'd be cool? A Stewiebration tonight.
You know what'd be cool? A Stewiebration tonight.
Dilip Vishwanat

Wow, lookit those Coyotes. They're 12-4-2, and those 26 points would put them firmly atop the Eastern Conference. Instead, they're second in the Pacific behind the Anaheim Ducks. Their offense is en fuego, scoring 60 goals already this season. Their defense, though - not so good. They've allowed 56, which is good for a goal differential of +4. The Blues, in contrast, have scored 52, but have allowed 34 goals (in three fewer games played).

Mike Smith's scored a goal this season, but he's allowed quite a few as well. Is this a sustainable game-plan for the Yotes? Probably not. Somewhere along the line their defense is going to have to clam up like the Blues' defense does when they play Phoenix. The Blues have won three straight games against the Coyotes, and six of the last seven games that they've played. They have a positive goal differential of 19 over the 'Yotes.

Basically, if something's gotta give on Phoenix's part, it can give later.

This is your morning open thread. Check over at Five For Howling to see what they have going on, and check back later on over here for some Lighting the Lamp, a game preview, and a Jordan Leopold (and Chris Porter) free game day thread. Hell, we'll even throw in a recap for you for free.