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Tuesday Links - Nationally-Televised Hockey

Blues and Yotes. Leopold out. Morrow back. Porter down. Stamkos breaks a leg . . . his own. Hockey Hall of Fame. Pelle Lindbergh. Doug Murray does shootouts. Shannon Sharpe rips the Dolphins. And . . . the Inebriati. Game day, bitch.

LEOPOLD? Nnnnnnnot for a while.
LEOPOLD? Nnnnnnnot for a while.
Dilip Vishwanat

Buy a Game Time tonight. And remember the following warning from the first page, because it's quite important to note before you write us to complain about a piece . . . .

"CAUTION: St. Louis Game Time contains extreme sarcasm and less-than-gentle language. But it is a hockey paper, so you should just fucking get over it."

Anyway, big game tonight, so let's get to the links:


  • Jordan Leopold needs surgery to repair the first knuckle of a finger in his right hand, and he'll be out a minimum of eight weeks. Ian Cole, COME ON DOWN! (Also . . . look for a seventh defenseman to come down from Chicago soon.) [SLGT]
  • Good news, though . . . Brenden Morrow was activated from IR yesterday. Bad news for Chris Porter, who was sent back to Chicago. But hey, because of new rules, Porter didn't have to clear waivers a second time. WOOHOO! [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Be on the lookout for plenty of content today from various people, including a GDT. Remember, tonight's game is on NBC Sports Network. It's like these teams are both good or something. And if you're going to DrinkScotch, root hard for the Blues and buy a paper. Karma will be good to you for it.
  • Also, apparently tonight is social media night. So according to the MSM, everyone should show up in sweatpants or something. My message to the MSM . . . eat my balls.



  • Only one game yesterday, and the Bruins beat the Lightning(s) 3-0. But that wasn't the story. More on that later. []
  • Eleven games tonight. I hear one of them is in St. Louis. []
  • Big news from yesterday's one game . . . Steven Stamkos broke his right tibia in a brutal crash into the net and will be out . . . a long . . . fucking . . . time. [Tampa Bay Times]
  • Everything you want to know about the Hockey Hall of Fame induction ceremony yesterday is here. Former Blues power forward Brendan Shanahan was one of the inductees. [ HHOF Blog]
  • The Oilers seem to be taking a circuitous route to fixing their problems, according to Ryan Lambert's weekly "What We Learned" piece. [Puck Daddy]
  • Some say the Flyers haven't had a competent goaltender since Ron Hextall in the 80's. His predecessor of sorts, Pelle Lindbergh, died in a drunk driving incident 28 years ago yesterday. [The Hockey Writers]
  • Douglas Murray is good at being big and getting trucked by David Backes, but he apparently is good at shootout moves. [Eyes on the Prize]
  • Essentially, Gary Bettman wants hockey's version of the World Baseball Classic (though he talks about the World Cup, which is funny since that's run by a collective of club leagues, not one huge league like the World Baseball Classic) as opposed to participation in the Winter Olympiad. Wysh has words about that. [Puck Daddy]
  • Wanna be a linesman in hockey? Prepare to get jacked in the face by accident while breaking a fight. [Deadspin]


  • A guy who escaped prison 33 years ago turned himself in after reporting extortion by an old business partner about his situation. Rock, meet hard place. [Y! / Reuters]
  • Shannon Sharpe, who was perhaps my favorite Broncos player when I was growing up, is a bit of a loudmouth. But when he talks, people listen. This week, he was very emotional and direct about the Dolphins' locker room situation following bullying allegations, taking on basically the whole team during The NFL Today on Sunday. (Also, the Dolphins lost to the Buccaneers last night. LOLOLOLOLOL.) [Deadspin]
  • The Onion is satire, but sometimes that satire is creepily close. Take this, for instance. [The Onion]


That Mitchell and Webb Look was awesome. And the Inebriati might as well be . . . us.

Then again, I'm not one to stop at just less than two drinks. Whatever.

Can you send me some links and videos, please? Thanks!