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GameThread for Phoenix Coyotes at St. Louis Blues, Nov 12, 2013

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Two really solid teams are going at it tonight in St. Louis. Who winds up winning tonight depends on which team's consistent scorers bring the goods.

Dilip Vishwanat

Note: tonight's an NBCSN broadcast. Just a head's up.

Chris Stewart and Patrik Berglund love playing against the Phoenix Coyotes. As I mentioned in the game preview, Stewie had seven points against them last season, and in the last six games, Bergie has five goals against Phoenix. Unfortunately, Stewart only has two goals through fifteen games, and Berglund has one. Stewart's play as of late has picked up considerably, and he may well be due for an offensive explosion. The Blues' top scorer last season is way down on the points list for the team this year, and so is the big Swede Berglund. Picking up the speed would be helpful. Alex Steen can't do it all.

Fun fact: Stewart has two fewer penalty minutes than does Ryan Reaves.

This is your GameDay Thread. Comment like your life depends on it. Let's do this. Let's get two points and send the Coyotes home with their tail between their legs.

Let's go Blues.