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Wednesday Links - One-Third Of One Page

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OT loss. The return of Splodeybones. Outdoor chrome. Rick Jeanneret in between the benches. Rick nASH skating. Weird ass no-goal explanations. IKEA mishaps. The NCAA being dicks. And TRULY frozen tundras. Jokes For One are funny, but only for one.

Dilip Vishwanat

In true Game Time fashion, today's headline is a "Joke For One". Good chance the person it's intended for won't find it funny either. Think I'm gonna tell you what it's about? Haha.

Also, today marks four years since my mother passed. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her.

Anyway, enough with the negative shit. Nothing could possibly be worse, right?


  • Well . . . maybe not. The Blues lost 3-2 in overtime to the Coyotes last night. UnrealAboveaverageDalek has your recap. (And no, I'm not as good at the fake RBR names as J-Mill is. Sorry.) [SLGT]
  • Before the game, the Blues signed Carlo Colaiacovo to a one-year one-way prorated league minimum contract to sit in the press box for a couple months and keep Jordan Leopold happy while Ian Cole laughs at him from ice level about how the tide has turned. [SLGT]


  • Last night's scores. Apart from Winnipeg, a pretty sluggish day for Conference III. []
  • Three games tonight. Included? Another Wednesday Night Rivalry matchup that actually works within the construct of the concept . . . in other words, an actual rivalry and shit. []
  • The NHL released logos for outdoor game participants. There's a chrome effect, which does nothing to detract from the fact that FIVE OUTDOOR GAMES IN ONE SEASON ARE TOO FUCKING MANY. []
  • The fact that the Sabres beat the Kings in a shootout last night is newsworthy enough. Even better is that the elevator leading to the First Niagara Center press box went out, and therefore legendary Sabres broadcaster Rick Jeanneret decided to call the game from between the benches. He took it in stride, because he's Rick Goddamn Jeanneret and he's awesome. RJ also almost got flattened, which he also took in stride. [CBS Sports Eye On Hockey]
  • Rangers forward Rick Nash (or is it . . . Rick nASH?) has skated in recent days, is feeling no ill or long-term effects from his concussion and could be back soon, but he's not going to rush it. And since the Rangers are hot (last night's loss notwithstanding), he really shouldn't rush back. [New York Daily News]
  • Check out this explanation of a goal that happened but did not count from the second period of the Lightning(s) vs. Canadiens tilt in Montreal last night. It's . . . umm, weird. [NHL Situation Room Blog]
  • In a piece spurred on partially by his daily podcast with Jeff Marek, Greg Wyshynski lists a bunch of active players and their Hall Of Fame qualifications. Jarome Iginla? In. #Iggy4Lyfe [Puck Daddy]
  • Hate the shootout? Yep, so do I. And apparently, so do the NHL GM's. That, and other things they discussed while together in Toronto. [Puck Daddy]


  • The police were called to a home in Sweden that was extremely loud at an early morning time. Drunk? High? Rabble-rousing? No . . . building IKEA furniture. [Y! Odd News]
  • The NCAA determined a BYU runner to be ineligible because of an "organized event" outside the realm of the team and school. People were wearing fucking costumes during this "organized event". The NCAA makes me want to fucking puke. [Deadspin]


Stuck in an ice flow? Make the most of it . . . and start singing and dancing! (S/T to Kate):


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And Beyond Checkerdome Episode 17 goes up later today. Again, nothing about last night, but plenty about last week. Tune in!