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Friday Links: Regression To The Mean

The Blues win, the Avs whine, and Michael Jordan cheats (still).

You see, Bergie? This is why we can't buy you the expensive sticks!
You see, Bergie? This is why we can't buy you the expensive sticks!
Dilip Vishwanat

I loved that second period so much, I want to take it behind a middle school and get it pregnant!

By the way, #RoyWatch picked up 3 points last night, bringing us to 11. On his currant pace, a full 82 game from Derek Roy would see him finish at 53 points. Don't be surprised if that pace starts picking back up soon - start saving, folks!

But for now, start clicking, folks!


  • In yesterday's Great Game Previews in History, J.R. Lind of Conference III likened the Avalanche to a previously "inconsequential" group about ready to surprisingly take down a mafia "gang of toughs unawares." The actual result felt more like Michael Corleone simultaneously eliminating the heads of the other Five Families and Moe Green. Swift, complete, and executed to near perfection. Of course, we'll have to wait until spring to see if we can finally settle all Family Business, but last night's 7-3 whacking of the Avs still felt pretty good! Your recap from Robb. [SLGT]
  • The view from the other side of the coin...from Avs fans who weren't quite as happy about it as we were. [Mile High Hockey]
  • Apparently Chris Stewart nearly being on the receiving end of a knee-on-knee collision, dropping the gloves with the guy who tried to take out said knee, then enjoying it when he bashed Cory Sarich's face in is considered "gutless," at least according to Jean-Sebastien Giguere. Fuck that shit. You know what's gutless? Knee-on-knee fly-bys. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Keith Tkachuk's son Matthew is currently playing for Team USA in the U-17 Four Nations tournament in Slovakia. While he was there, Big Walt met up with Pavol Demitra's widow Maja and their two children Lucas and Zara. Ignore the author of the piece, it's a must read, and sticktaps for CCR. RIP 38 [True Hockey]
  • By now, you're probably aware that the Blues have re-acquired Carlo Colaiacovo as an emergency 7th defenseman. What you may not have known is that this time around, Cola will be rocking number 13 instead of 28. So that number 28 Colaiacovo sweater you just de-moth balled? It's now as awkward as a Michael Jordan 45, or a Yadier Molina 41. [STLToday]
  • David Rodgers at Frozen Notes analyzes the Blues home attendance numbers thus far,'s getting less fugly I guess maybe? [Frozen Notes]


  • Believe it or not, the Blues weren't the only Central division team founded in 1967 to beat an upstart young former Northwestern division team that everyone assumed at the beginning of the year would be terrible but who so far has been surprisingly competitive by the score of 7-3 last night, as the Dallas Stars beat the Flames by the same scoreline, thanks to 4 goals and an assist from Tyler Seguin & a goal and 5 assists from Jamie Benn. Check out that and the other scores here. []
  • If the season ended right this minute, these games tonight wouldn't be played. But it doesn't, so they will be. I suppose Capitals and Redwings is pretty interesting, and the Kings will play in Newark for what I assume is the first time since they beat the Devils in the 2012 Cup Finals, so there's that. Those and 8 others on the docket. []
  • In 2010, Kris Versteeg won The Cup as a Calder-nominee with the Blackhawks. Then he was part of The Mass Exodus out of Chicago, and he's been hovering just north of "That Guy Sucks Ass" ever since. Late last night, though, the Panthers traded him back to The Murder Capitol of America. [Puck Daddy]
  • Nazem Kadri has been issued a 3-game ban for taking out Niklas Backstrom (the one who keeps Minnesota's goal). [Dept. Player Safety]
  • Steven Stamkos is out of the hospital in Boston and back in Tampa. Each day is a day closer to his return, I guess. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Once again, Chicago's Andrew Shaw accidentally hit Phoenix goalie Mike Smith in a vulnerable position, and the end result pisses off Blackhawks fans to no end. This time however, I guess they kinda-sorta have a leg to stand on. I mean they're still wrong, they're just not unequivocally, unquestionably wrong in both a factual and moral sense, such as they were last time. [SBNation NHL]
  • Lots of sites have power rankings, but only one has any real meaning: Conference III (and Conference III-related) power rankings. [Conference III]
  • US Hockey fans are feeling a little more uncertain, as Jonathan Quick's groin will keep him out indefinitely. However, Adam Proteau doesn't think it'll be the end of the world for the US (related: poll below)...or that one team Quick usually plays for in LA. [The Hockey News]


  • One of the tiny pleasures of the Internet is coming across computer-assembled sentences that don't make any sense - often in the form of spam emails or twitter bots - that sometimes offer hidden gems of meaning. Now you too can create such profound nonsense with What Would I Say?, which takes things you've said on Facebook and creates random phrases such as (actual ones I've gotten): "El Birdos take the big of a soul," "that was the least talked about to eat Kristin Chenoweth," and "Would've won in the comics, but as a UFC fight is the asshole that I had a crazy multiPope adventure!" Have fun! [What Would I Say?]
  • Michael Jordan is arguably the most successful professional athlete of all time - he cares not for your petty beer pong "rules!" [Extra Mustard]
  • Speaking of basketball (sort of, any way that's usually about as close as we get around these parts), the NBA is attempting to reach a settlement with the former owners of the Spirits of St. Louis ABA team who, through an extremely stupid contractual agreement the NBA made at the time of the merger, have received a percentage of the NBA's annual television revenue every year since the team folded in 1976. [SBNation]
  • 16 immigrants were asked about all of the things that they found most jarring and unbelievable about the US when they moved here. Some of their answers make a lot of sense, others are actually pretty eye-opening. [Thought Catalog]
  • I know I mention Doctor Who entirely too often in the links, (he said, as the rest of Game Time collectively nodded in agreement.), but if you're a Whovian and you haven't seen the mini-episode prequel they released yesterday, you NEED to. Pronto. If you know your Who-story, you'll freak out mere seconds into it. On the awesome scale, I'd say it's about an 8. [YouTube]


Tyler seemed to be on a British comedy kick this week, so I suppose I must join him.

Typos are funy.

Me hungry...feed me links!

Go forth, and kick ass today!