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GameThread for St. Louis Blues at Buffalo Sabres, Nov 19, 2013

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The Blues are off to the home of the buffalo wing, Buffalo, NY. Will the Sabres play well for new (old) coach Ted Nolan, or was their win against the Toronto Maple Leafs a fluke?

Rick Stewart

There's still time for the Buffalo Sabres to turn their season around, but do they want to? Chances are extremely good that unless the turnaround is a miracle, they'll miss the playoffs, and also miss out on a decent draft pick. Terrible, or just above terrible, might be the way for them to go this season. I hate seeing teams tank on purpose, but the accidental horrible start to the year (I'll assume it wasn't done on purpose) has set them back so far that it might be their best option.

But they did beat the Kings on Tuesday, and the Leafs on Friday (they lost to Toronto on Saturday), so there's some fight in them yet. The Blues can't play down to their level, and can't underestimate their opponent either. The need to just play their game, like they did in the second and third periods in Washington, and they'll be fine.

It's Jaroslav Halak against Ryan Miller tonight, so, um, brace yourselves. This is your gameday thread. Let's make Ryan Miller cry in his post-game press conference like the emo he is. Let's put up a few goals and forget Sunday afternoon's game. Let's get two points. Let's do this.

Let's go Blues.

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