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Recap: Blues Fall to Tampa Bay, 4-2

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The St. Louis Blues played a hard game against the Tampa Bay Lighting in the second game of a back to back road series. Unfortunately the Blues ran out of gas in the third period and took a L for the night with a score of 4-2. Let's drink the bad memories away and recap together Blues fans.

Just about sums it up...
Just about sums it up...
Photo by Scott Audette/NHLI via Getty Images

The St. Louis Blues had a bit of a rocky start in the first period. The puck seemed to bauble and stick to the ice in Tampa Bay and that caused quite a few wiffs and fans on the puck. However, the blue and yellow were able to capitalize first. At 7:50 of the first, Alex Pietrangelo sniped former Blues goaltender Benny Bishop.

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The Lightning were not far behind, and they have snipers of their own. What felt like seconds after the Blues goal, At 10:44 of the period, Tampa’s Alex Killorn put the puck through Jaroslav Halak’s 5-hole tying up the game.

Jaro kept the Blues in the game all night.

The Second period was a much tighter style of play from the STL. After a SPECTACULAR save and possible use of his many Midichlorians, Steven Stamkos was able to get the puck past Halak at 1:43, making the score 2-1. Jaden Schwartz would keep the Blues from falling much further behind, and at 3:45 he put a wrister past Bish.

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The Blues unfortunately couldn't hold the Lighting off for long. In the third the Bolts put multiple nails in the coffin for the Blues. Halak still was spectacular throughout the period and honestly I really can't fault him on just about any of those goals. The last 3 of the game resulted in Ken Hitchcock pulling Halak and playing with an extra attacker. The Defense came out strong with Jay Bouwmeester making a spectacular... save?***

The goaltending tonight, it was extremely strong. Bishop was possesed by a GD skyscraper... or some other wall like object with legs. and Jaro Fucking Halak. Damn did he have the powers of a master Jedi. I can't really say to many bad things about him tonight. I feel like this was a "good" loss, unfortunate but it wasn't a horrible game and really wasn't a result of a mass hockey amnesia. Tweaky and or "tightening up" is definitely needed but I cannot put to much fault on anything but lucky bounces for the Bolts tonight. The hockey gods were just not on our side tonight boys, time to move on and line up for the next one against the Canadiens Tuesday night!

Well those are my thoughts what are yours? Let me know in the comments!