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Beyond Checkerdome 18: Avalanche Lunch Money

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Episode 18: able to vote, but can't buy beer ... legally

"Hah hah hah .... you ain't got no ice cream!"
"Hah hah hah .... you ain't got no ice cream!"
Dilip Vishwanat

Hello there! We are proud to bring to you another episode of Beyond Checkerdome. Here we recap the week before, look at the road trip ahead, welcome back an old friend, and talk about recent attendance. Also, we build the best novelty jersey in history.

Give it a listen, won't you?

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if you'd rather save for later, go HERE

You guys have been great with the support, and we thank you wholeheartedly. Keep it up! Additionally, we mention in the podcast the possibility of us adding a sort of producer to the show. If you feel you've got the chops, feel free to drop us a line. That'd be at @ByndCheckerdome on Twitter, or at BeyondCheckerdome AT Geeeeemail Dot Com.

Next week, we're excited to have another guest, a friend of Game Time and someone that should have a thought or two on Thursday's game in Boston, Sarah Connors!

Thanks again, and please, spread the word!


Tim / CrossCheckRaise

Tyler / DonutKing