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Wednesday Links - Slugging the Buffalo

Blues win. Two for Morrow. Verizon Center game experience. BLOOZOCKY. Attendance. Satire. "Bieksa Rating". Pink hats. Ugly sweaters. Coin flips. Fuck the Bleacher Report. And ALL THE GRUNTS. Hello.

Jen Fuller

Regarding the Buffalo Sabres . . . they are who we thought they were! A . . . wretchedly horrible team.

If you have Sabres fans as friends and believe in the power of prayer, please pray that they make it to the other side of their rebuild in one piece. Y'know, like us Blues fans did after 2005-06. Thanks.

On to the links!


  • Brenden Morrow scored twice, plus there was a goal each from Vladimir Tarasenko and HOLY SHIT, Magnus Pääjärvi! And the Blues overcame a deficit 10 seconds in to post a 4-1 road victory. ImaginaryOutstandingHumanishthing has the recap. [SLGT]
  • Before the game, Jeremy Rutherford wondered aloud about the goaltending situation. I'm assuming everything's a bit better after last night. I'm also assuming this was The Asylum's idea because JARO IS THE STARTER and JR knows this. [StL Today]
  • Also before the game, our stats/dataviz wizard, Robb, showed us around from his experience at the Verizon Center on Sunday. Which was good . . . apart from, y'know, the game. [SLGT]
  • IT'S SAINT LOUIS BLOOZOCKY!!!!! As Paperwork Ninja puts it. Here is an explanation, plus all the pictures . . . and explanations for the pictures. It's like a history lesson inside a picture book! [SLGT]


  • Scores. Ten of them. Some Conference III action included. []
  • Tonight? Four games. The Wednesday Night Rivals of this week are basically a made-up thing by the league. []
  • Here's a piece about the attendance woes not only of the Senators but our Blues as well. One of the comments? "Neither Ottawa nor St. Louis are real sports towns." LOL, fuck off, Bill Beatty. (S/T to luvhockey) [The Hockey News]
  • Satire, obviously . . . the episode guide of "NHL Revealed". Actually, most of this COULD be logical. [SB Nation]
  • Adrian Aucoin, a player I always liked for some reason and of no relation to Keith Aucoin, officially announced his retirement. [NHLPA]
  • Don't like "Fancy Stats"? Canucks fans introduce . . . "The Bieksa Rating", named after Kevin Bieksa, who is a bit of a tough son of a bitch. [Canucks Army]


  • Could've put this under "hockey" but it pertains to ALL sports . . . are you a female sports fan? Yep, you still get a bunch of silly looks and pre-judging. In 2013. It's probably about time we stop doing this shit. (S/T to Bluesgirl22) [Days Of Y'Orr]
  • Build your own ugly ass Christmas sweater! (S/T to Drew) [Sweater Generator / Coke Zero]
  • An Idaho town broke a mayoral vote tie with . . . a coin flip. Because Idaho . . . it is strange. [Y! Odd News]
  • Nobody asked for a book about how to write like a Bleacher Report writer. And yet, here we are. Because Bleacher Report. [Deadspin]


Kate passes along every grunt from Home Improvement. Got a while?


(Not an actual sound.)

Beyond Checkerdome? It posts today. So stay tuned. Literally. And stuff.