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Blues At Bruins Morning Open Thread: Damn That Statue

The Blues would love to keep up their winning streak in Boston, while the Bruins are sitting pretty atop the Atlantic Division.

Bruce Bennett

Leave it up to the Boston Bruins to do whatever they can to troll the Blues. Not that they care, because they just view it as an iconic moment in their city's sports history, but the statue of a flying Bobby Orr out front of TD Bank/Boston Gardens/Whatever It Is arena is both terrifying and annoying. You can't make it through anything about hockey it seems without seeing the clip of Orr scoring that goal; now it's commemorated forever in bronze. It will never go away.

Let's face it. Boston's done a number on STL quite a few times. Twice this decade they've beaten the Cards in the World Series, and there was that whole Patriots taping Rams practice/beating them in the Super Bowl cheating thing too. But that's water under the bridge. The Blues are in Boston to take care of their own, modern day hockey business, not to right the wrongs of the past or to make up for other sports teams' shortcomings. They've won five in a row in Boston, they're 14-3-3 which is the best start in franchise history, and 20 games into the season they already have 31 points. They're one point behind the Blackhawks with two fewer games played. TSN/ESPN think that they're the number one team in the league. They're good, dammit.

Who cares about the past? Sunday in Washington was an aberration. Some Stanley Cup finals that happened what seems like a lifetime ago? Water under the bridge. This team has a bright future, and they'll keep proving it today, so forget about that statue.

This is your morning open thread. Check back later for a game preview from CCR, a GDT, a RBR recap, and whatever else strikes our fancy.

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