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Brad Lee On The Radio

Did you miss The People's Show this afternoon on CBS Sports Radio 920? Fear not, friends.

The People's Show on CBS Sports Radio 920 AM.
The People's Show on CBS Sports Radio 920 AM.
Hello Game Time friends. I like to talk. So considering I haven't been invited on the Beyond Checkerdome podcast, I was a guest on a radio station that actually broadcasts like over the air. I think it's fitting the program is called "The People's Show." If we're anything, we're for the people. Love the people. This might turn itself into a regular-type thing for the time being. I know I'm supposed to be back on the show in two weeks. I think it went well. No, I'm not bragging. I got a comparison in between Ricky Schroeder and Alexander Steen. I brought some obscure information and a few chuckles. I hope. And I predicted an overtime game tonight. So that's on the record. You can go to and listen to the archives or go directly to today's show. Big thank you to Pat Imig, host of the show. If only I can have this appearance be my resume for making it on Internet podcasts. And any of you radio producers out there looking to book quasi Blues guests, I'm available. Available all the time. Thanks for listening.