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Stars At Blues Morning Open Thread: Hi, Splodeygroin

Kari Lehtonen and the Dallas Stars are heading into St. Louis tonight for yet another road game. Will the Blues be able to tame Tyler Seguin?

Dilip Vishwanat

The Dallas Stars have turned into quite the road warrior team this season, though not by choice or ability, necessarily. Sure, they're 8-5-0 on the road, which isn't bad. They're 3-3-2 at home though. Do the math - the Stars have played 13 road games this season, and just eight home. The Blues, as a contrast, have been quite dominant at home, going 9-1-2, making Scottrade a place that opponents don't really want to go to.

Wouldn't it be nice if people got off of their butts and went to the games so the attendance wouldn't be so meh? Come on, St. Louis. The Cards are done. The Rams are... the Rams. What ELSE are you going to do?

Goaltender Kari Lehtonen has kept the Stars in the thick of things - the main reason that they're out of the playoff bubble was his annual injury earlier this season, which necessitated the Stars relying on Dan Ellis there for a bit. This year Lehtonen is 10-4-2 with a 2.08 GAA and a .932 save percentage. He's been so good that he can do this on a regular basis:

Don't be offended, Calgary. He used to plop himself on top of the net all of the time in Atlanta. It's just his thing.

This is your morning open thread: insert some Tyler Seguin jokes into the comments. Say hi to the guys at Defending Big D, and then head back by later for Lighting the Lamp, a preview, a GDT, and one of RBR's patented recaps. Happy Saturday, everyone.