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GameThread for Dallas Stars at St. Louis Blues, Nov 23, 2013

The Blues're coming off a shootout win over the Atlantic Division Boston Bruins, while the Dallas Stars need to regroup after a close 3-2 loss to the New York Rangers.

Do Reaves a favor - open the door, and Lehtinen.
Do Reaves a favor - open the door, and Lehtinen.
Dilip Vishwanat

Is there anything worse than a high octane, give and go, masterfully played game between two potential Stanley Cup contenders ending in a shootout? No. No there is not.

Luckily that won't happen tonight, because the Dallas Stars probably aren't Stanley Cup contenders. But they're still really good. They may be in the lower half of the Central Division, but the Central Division is mostly good. Tyler Seguin has shocked everyone by scoring 12 goals in 21 games. His partner in crime, Jamie Benn, has 23 points in 21 games (as does Seguin). Dallas' top line is loaded.

Goaltender Kari Lehtonen is also solid so far this season. Their defense can be a little hit or miss. Let's hope they fall on the side of miss tonight.

This is your Game Day thread. Let's hammer out this quick homestand. Let's get one or two or three through Kari Lehtonen. Let's see them play with the same intensity that they did Thursday night. Let's do this. Let's win.

Let's Go Blues.